Artists, Special Guests and Content Creators

Here is the list of artists, special guests and content creators that will be joining us at the CommandFest

commandfest montreal artists guests


Special Guest

Gavin Duggan - Commander Rules Committee (RC)

Gavin Duggan was one of the two original members of the Commander Rules Committee, and has shaped the rules, philosophy, and infrastructure of the format since its inception. He serves as the mad scientist of the RC, and is responsible for many of the more radical changes in the history of format. He was a pro tour judge, Netrep, and regional coordinator for tournament magic for 15 years.

When playing, Gavin enjoys brewing and currently owns 42 commander decks covering almost every colour configuration. When not playing commander, he plays poker, Go, and Ultimate. He holds a PhD in computational biochemistry and works as senior software engineer for healthcare artificial intelligence research in Mountain View, CA.

Content Creators and Cosplayers

nickpicking nerds

Nitpicking Nerds

Hey! We’re the Nitpicking Nerds, and we love Commander so much, we make videos about it every single day on Youtube! We can’t wait to sling some spells with fans and have a great time at CommandFest Montreal! Make sure to check out their YouTube channel!
MTG Muddstah


Andrew, aka MTG Muddstah, is a born and raised Montrealer who loves to play commander. Whether he’s missing a Rhystic Study trigger or smashing face with Mistform Ultimus, you can find him filming in game stores in Ontario and Quebec which he releases on his YouTube channel twice a week (Monday and Thursday).

Make sure to check out their YouTube channel!

NeoRoyal House of Pricey Cardboard - EDH

NeoRoyal House of Pricey Cardboard – EDH

They are a EDH channel who produces edited gameplay videos with some animations and commentary. Make sure to check out their YouTube channel!


I’ve been playing Magic for over 20 years and each day is just a day to jam more Jund or Dragon Decks! I stream on Twitch as a member of Team Degenerate Gaming, playing both Commander and other MTG formats! I love developing new commander brews, with some interesting mechanics and seeing where a dragon Commander can fit right in. If a dragon can’t be the Commander, then at least it can be in the deck! Make sure to check out is Twitch stream!

Chris Balon – Commander Mechanic

Commander Mechanic has been making Commander content for over 2 years, everywhere you can find content. On YouTube you can find them providing deck building advice, making cool brews, and doing sweet combo primers. Find them at CommandFest Montreal to show off your decks, get a quick tune-up, and get some sweet swag!

Make sure to check out is YouTube channel!

Purple Rogue Cosplay

Courtney, aka Purple Rogue Cosplay, is a Canadian cosplayer who is a pretty big geek all around including playing MTG for the last 10 years and cosplaying at conventions/events the last 8 years. Her initial introduction to MTG events where she took part as a cosplayer was the first Planeswalker Summit in Oregon, Portland in 2016 where she showcased Kiora and Serra Angel. Since then, her love of recreating characters from MTG art has spiralled down a rabbit hole where she has made characters such as Jaya Ballard, Vivien Reid, Nicol Bolas, and Vraska, to name a few. Over the last couple of years, commander and historic, on MTGA, has been Courtney’s main formats to play but she’ll pick up any deck just to play. Back home, she enjoys working within the community to build positive spaces for people to feel welcome and safe to play.

Mike Carroza

Mark Carbonza –

Mike Carrozza is Montreal-born sweetie pie better known as Mark Carbonza at as the writer of the Am I The Bolas? column where Mark is sent stories from readers where they ask if they were the table’s villain. Mike has contributed to EDHREC and The Bag of Loot and is ready to get fun, silly games in at CommandFest Montreal. As a stand-up comedian, Mike’s outlook on Commander is experience over everything – make the games memorable as possible with the goofiest or coolest plays this moving puzzle of a game allows. Come hang out throughout all of CommandFest Montreal! Make sure to check out is YouTube channel!
MTG Goldfish

Tomer Abramovici

Tomer leads Commander content on MTGGoldfish, hosting Commander Clash, Commander Podcast, and other videos on the MTGGoldfish Commander YouTube channel. Make sure to check out is channel!
Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson is a columnist for He started playing EDH in 2013 and has been running a free EDH league since 2016 that has seen hundreds of players vie for monthly “bragging rights”. In 2017 Stephen started writing about Commander and was quickly picked up by (now You can read his weekly takes on the format and on new legendary creatures every Monday in his “Commanderruminations” column.

Since the pandemic, Stephen has been getting into altering cards, so keep an eye out for him in casual EDH pods at Commandfest Montreal. He may have a Marvel or Nightmare before Christmas themed deck, or one of a number of Muppet decks you can square off against.