Guest Panels

Here is the schedule of the panels presented by the guests over the week-end.

Al panels are free, seats are limited

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Friday 6PM

Play More EDH… By Starting an EDH League

Stephen Johnson and Sean “Astral Flame” Kell

Friday 7PM

What’s my deck’s power?

Gavin Duggan and Chris Balon

Saturday 5PM

How to Always Win Even When You Lose idea – Social Dynamic in Commander

Mike Carrozza and Sean “Astral Flame” Kell

Saturday 6PM

Upgrade my deck

Gavin Duggan, Chris Balon and Stephen Johnson

Sunday 2:30PM

Baldur’s Gate Excitement

Tomer Abramovici and Mike Carrozza

Sunday 3:30PM

Budget Commander

Tomer Abramovici and Sean “Astral Flame” Kell