CommandFest Montreal 2022 FAQ

1I just want to have some cards signed by the artist, sell some cards and play for fun do I need a badge?

A badge is mandatory to enter the event hall

2I have registered for a side event, and intend on playing in the free play area; do I still need a badge?
A badge is mandatory to enter the event hall
3I don’t like on-demand events can I redeem the vouchers for boosters?

Each event voucher can be redeemed for 3 Commander Legends: Baldur’s Gate booster Packs. The Baldur’s Gate Draft on-demand voucher can be redeemed for 4 boosters.

4If I only attend Friday and Saturday (but I buy the 3 days pass) can I use all my constructed vouchers on 1 or 2 days or are they for SPECIFIC events on each day?

Yes: Event Vouchers can be used any day.

5Can i play commander or is it only standard and vintage stuff like that?
It’s mostly commander, there will be a casual play area where players can find other players with the same power level for free as well as organized events for a fee
6I'm seeing for the 3 day badge for CommandFest that it's $150. Is that in CAD or in USD.
All prices are in Canadian Currency
7Are proxies allowed?
No proxies allowed for scheduled or on demand events.
8I just want to check what kind of rules there are gonna be in terms of covid precautions. Mostly if masks will be required and if vaccine proof will need to be shown

Check our Health & Safety page for up to date information.

9I recently bought the 3 day pass for the CommandFest Montreal. It comes with 4 on demand vouchers (constructed). Are those EDH constructed events? Will there be a pool to choose from?

In addition to constructed on-Demand, each constructed voucher can be redeemed for a 15$ credit off a Scheduled Event maximum 1 per event.

10What are the event hall hours?

Hall hours are:
Friday July 15 2022 10:30am to 9:00pm
Saturday July 16 2022 9:30am to 9:00pm
Sunday July 17 2022 9:30am to 6:00pm

11Myself and my friend are looking to play at CommandFest and noticed the Junior passes. We're wondering what it means as in age limitations and restrictions on event participation.

Anyone under 18 on the day of the event may get a Junior badge.

12Do the side events (namely Emperor and cEDH) have a prize structure?

All events with an entry fee have a prize structure, to find out check the Side Events page.

13Can i pay at the event or do i have to pay online?
Online registration is recommended but if there are still unsold badges the day of the event, it will be possible to acquire a badge on site.
14How many games can I play?

As many as you’d like

15Is there a tournament or single games?
We have both
17I'm curious whether there is planned to be any competitive events which qualify for future events (PT etc)?

CommandFest events are meant to have a casual atmosphere around the commander format and playing with friends, although there are events with interesting prizes all events are run at regular or casual rule enforcement.

18What value are prize tickets roughly?
We do not give a value to prize tickets, it’s up to the holders to decide what items they like best.
19Is this event in French? Will the matches be in French or English?

This event is global, most announcements will be done in English, French announcements will be available on demand.

20What language will be the booster packs?
All sealed product will be in English.
21I want to buy 2 Saturday passes, one for me and one for a friend. Your website won't allow me to purchase more than one. How can I do this?
An account for each attendee must be created under the badge holder name. This is to facilitate badge distribution the day of the event
22How do I pay for registration of events at the event?
We will accept cash payments on site.
23The QC gov has gotten rid of all covid measures. Why are they still listed on your website?
We are still in a global pandemic and we want to keep people as safe as possible while everyone keeps running their daily lives, and unlike the Quebec government we are not trying to get re-elected in October.
24For the Vaccine proofs, I have my PDF saved on my phone for both vaccines plus the booster, and I would also require a test with negative results dating from the 12th-14th of July

No test is required for attendees with at least 2 doses.

25I'm trying to decide which day(s) I want to join CommandFest and I'd like to know if all 3 artists are scheduled to be there on all 3 days or if certain ones are only on certain days.
All artists are available all 3 days but hours may vary at their discretion.
26What is a Prize Ticket?

Prize Ticket are given out at the end of events that can be redeemed on the Prize Wall for amazing items! All Prizes will be listed in the description of the event you are playing. Examples of redeemable items include:

Standard Legal Products
Draft Booster – 400 Prize Tickets
Set Booster – 500 Prize Tickets
Collector Booster – Starting at 2000 Prize Tickets
Commander Preconstructed – Starting at 4000 Prize Tickets
Playmats - starting at 1000 Prize Tickets
Uncut Sheets – Starting at 50,000 Prize Tixs
Oversized Cards – Starting at 32,000 Prize Tixs
Spindown Die – 100 Prize Tixs
Singles – A selection of singles will also be available