On-Demand Events

CommandFest Montreal will include many side events that will be sure to please all players.

Registration for scheduled events will start 30 minutes before the start of the event and close 10 minutes before the start.


Event NamePrizesCost
4-Player Social CommanderAll players receive 1200 Prize Wall tickets$13.04
4-Player cEDHPrizes per Pod, winner of each pod receives 1800 Prize Wall tickets. All other players receive 1000 Prize Wall tickets$13.04
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate DraftPrizes per Pod, winner of each pod receives 1500 Prize Wall tickets. All other players receive 500 Prize Wall tickets$17.39

All registrations are non refundable, non transferable. All event prices do not include taxes.

Information on formats

All Scheduled and On Demand Commander events will use the Official Commander rules and ban list.

Duel Commander (1v1) will use the following rules and ban list.

Silver-Bordered Cards, Gold-Bordered Cards, Proxies and other non-Magic duplicates are not allowed for sanctioned events. For non-sanctioned casual games, proxies can be okay if the whole group of players from the table agrees.

What is a Prize Ticket?

Prize Ticket are given out at the end of events that can be redeemed on the Prize Wall for amazing items! All Prizes will be listed in the description of the event you are playing. Examples of redeemable items include:

Standard Legal Products
Draft Booster – Starting at 400 Prize Tickets
Set Booster – Starting at 500 Prize Tickets
Collector Booster – Starting at 2000 Prize Tickets
Commander Preconstructed – Starting at 4000 Prize Tickets
Playmats – starting at 1000 Prize Tickets
Uncut Sheets – Starting at 50,000 Prize Tickets
Oversized Cards – Starting at 32,000 Prize Tickets
Spindown Die – 100 Prize Tickets
Singles – A selection of singles will also be available

Scheduled Prize

3 Round events (per player)
9 Match Points: 3200 Prize Tixs
7 Match Points: 2400 Prize Tixs
6 Match Points: 1600 Prize Tixs
4-5 Match Points: 1200 Prize Tixs
3 Match Points: 800 Prize Tixs
0-1-2 Match Points: 500 Prize Tixs

5 Round events
15 Match Points: 18000 Prize Tixs
13 Match Points: 11000 Prize Tixs
12 Match Points: 4000 Prize Tixs
10-11 Match Points: 2000 Prize Tixs

2 Round Events (Constructed Commander)
1500 Prize Tixs per player/round

Turbo Commander (1 Round)
2000 Prize Tixs per player

Additional Information

To participate you will need an up to date Wizards Account.

You will also need the MTG Companion App installed on your cellphone. Download the App on iOS Apple Devices or Android Devices.

For Scheduled Events, please join your event in the Companion App at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your event and meet at the Red Gathering point.



JULY 2022